The most memorable foods along the way on a 6 month trip. Mainly by bike (-) & mainly powered by noodles.

Thai Noodle Soup

January 2019

Set off, the realise they drive on the left. Adjust mirror to other side, set off again.

Typical food here is noodle soup. It's brilliant and has slight variations, sometimes with starchy dumplings - good for the cycling legs.

Noodle Soup

  • Noodles
  • Broth
  • Spring onion
  • Serve with chili flakes, sugar, soy & chili sauce

Laos Noodle Soup

February 2019

Sa-bai-deeeee (hello!). Staple food was again noodle soup, but we didn't get bored of it. Small family restaurants by the dusty roads served us hot bowls of much needed brothy water packed with noodles and stuff that kept us well satisfied, hydrated and fuelled.

Noodle Soup

  • Noodles
  • Broth
  • Maybe a few bits of meat or veg

Vietnamese Coffee

February 2019

Aside from more food choice, sometimes getting a bit touristy, I get hooked on their strong coffee with condensed milk - fantastic!

Ca Phe Sua / Vietnamese Coffee

  • Part fill cup with condensed milk
  • Put coffee beans (typically a French roast) in the Phin (coffee filter), over the cup
  • Dampen the coffee beans with room temperature water, to slow the drip
  • Then add hot water over the coffee, so it drips through (up to 5 mins)

Ha Giang loop by motorbike

February 2019

Rice in Yunnan, China

March 2019

Up 'til now we have managed by eating in road side restaurants, but getting into the remoter mountains, we are cooking for ourselves. Sachet noodles fill our panniers and we quickly learn the flavours by colour of packet and the limited varieties

Up the valley and then a steep cliimb up to the UNESCO World Heritage hotspot that is Honghe Hani Rice Terraces. Rice!

Rice and Meat???

  • Rice

The Tibetan Yak - Sichuan, China

March 2019

Spicy stuff. We learn that the black packet of sachet noodles with pictures of flames are to be taken seriously. On a windy night in a barren landscape we fail to pitch the tent on a rocky area sandwiched between road and river. These noodles are our last hope, but they burn our lips with firey spice fresh from hell, so we pack up and keep cycling.

Yak of Fire

  • Yak meat and green pepper, fried with garlic
  • Sichuan peppercorns, chili peppers, fried in more oil
  • Boiled rice, or maybeegg fried

Tunnels, eggs, spiral roads

March 2019

Sometimes in China the map showed the pass but when we arrived, some mega tunnels took us under the peak instead.

The most impressive piece of road was a spiral that looped up in a 360 spiral up (yet another) steep valley.

The coldest pass at 4700 was powered with help from a local tunnel builder in his metal portacabin. He invited us in and fed us boiled eggs after finding us shielding behind a wall from the blizzard.

Boiled eggs, tunnel-construction-worker-style

  • 1 - Jam screwdriver into cable to power up dodgy electic hob
  • 2 - Share pics of family (wife? daughter?) while waiting for water to boil
  • 3 - Enjoy hard boiled eggs - warm the hands and eat
  • 4 - Repeat
  • 5 - Head back out to the cold blizzard...

Ramen noodles in Lanzhou, Gansu, China

April 2019

Mainly due to a tumble off the bike causing a few days in hospital, we take a bus to Lanzhou. There, we began to tuck into the Ramen hand-pulled noodles. The texture and flavour is delicious, and we wonder how such a simple soup is so good.

Unable to really understand which dishes I ordered, I try various styles and types of meat and broth.

Slurping essential...

Let's make China .. grated .. potato

Zhangye, Gansu, China - April 2019

  • Washed, shredded and drained potatos
  • Heat oil in pan, add red chili pepper, sichuan then garlic.
  • Add the potatoes and stir-fry
  • Add salt, black vinegar, soy sauce once potatoes are soft
  • Mix and garnish with spring onion / coriander

Sunflower seeds

The Silk Road - April 2019

We skip a few thousand bleak KM's on the sleeper train. As we trundle West through the desert I practise my sunflower seed tooth-shelling skills.

Xinjiang, China

April 2019

Pedalling through villages, we sniff the delicious breads and BBQ'd meat kebabs being served by the road.

Over to Central Asia

May 2019

We didn't realise that we had to take a taxi up to the end of this road having already been followed by local police. We feel the huge contrasts as we stepped into the ex-Soviet region. The standard of packet noodle declined and the menus left behind noodles in favour of breads, beer & vodka!

Food poisoning

May 2019

The Pamir

May 2019

Invited in from torrential rain to stay with a family, we are fed generously. Thanks to the family cow my dairy deficiency is fixed at breakfast with hot milk, milky tea, cream and butter with bread.

Other than this, are staple diet is noodles and limited veggies, pasta, eggs, etc

Spot, the stray dog

June 2019

The last few miles on the bike are accompanied by a stray dog who befriends us. Unfortunately we don't manage to take him home, but I do have a pasta-eating race with him.

In Dushanbe, we fill up on a range of foods including pizza and burger, topped off with a fantastic Lebanese feast.