UX, UI & web design work

I documented some improvements for a local watersports club based in Aberdeenshire, North East Scotland. The club's goal is to get more people Windsurf, SUP, Wing & generally have fun on (and in) the water. The core activity is Junior & Youth Windsurfing and I'm actively involved with it as a commitee volunteer.

The Brief

Streamline the service design for new & returning club members, in particular the information architecture & user flow. Incorporate club changes into the redesign.

Collabroate with another UX designer Zazu Klebba

Focus on key principles for any UI design changes.

Explore the new WordPress full-site editing feature & learn more advanced Figma skills.

Lean Process

  • Research - explore the existing workflows and designs.
  • Analysis - identify pain points, opportunities & expectations.
  • Design - explore ideas, iterate & refine.
  • Validate - review & redesign as necessary.
  • Implement - build efficiently. And repeat!


Research consisted of Usbility Hub testing, User Testing (remote & in-person), Google Forms survey, email & in-person feedback. We merged, summarised and organised all our findings in Miro.

Zazu brought her research skills and analytical approach to the project, asking questions from a fresh perspective which helped me better discover and understand the pain points.

Most valuable insights related to terminology used and assurances / basic information for newcomers.


Again predominently using Miro, we were able to keep track of research as it diverged and then came back together before defining the problem, objectives and success metric. Here is the board:

Design & Validate

We didn't feel the need to create a high fidelity prototype on this project, because the chosen web structure / theme is very easy to update on the fly.

Design work was drafted in Miro and created using Adobe Illustrator & WordPress.

Testing & Iteration

After four drafts, we were happy with the new Information Architecture and User workflows. They met the requirements and were already live!

After a few months, the tests were repeated and I was surprised to discover although the information was apparantly being better conveyed, some feedback suggested it wasn't so easy to understand. Another revision is now completed, where the stages to joining the club are numbered 1 to 3 and fit on one screen.
Based on the latest feedback, the immediate improvements are more explanation of what "SUP" means (Stand Up Paddleboarding) and some more visual elements added back in to illustrate key information.

Reduction in general queries to the club for administration is likely due to the improved navigation and improved information.

Windsurf SUP Club User Testing screenshot
Windsurf SUP Club research word cloud


Working collaboratively on this project was the most valuable element, because it questioned my assumptions on this ongoing volunteer side-project. In 2022 we've seen a reduction in the administration and repeated email enquiries. There is more confidence and success with the website, however there is ongoing valuable feedback to action with the club evolution.

Windsurf SUP Club case study website screenshot